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The Martial Arts MMORPG《剑与情缘》Now Opens Beta

Public Time:2017-05-25 10:45

Falling for his sword, a fresh start for destined love! A 3D martial arts MMORPG mobile game 《剑与情缘》(A growth path of a nobody against the conspiracy) is now on the market. The first sever is full of players! The exquisite game has many unique features to present a perfect martial arts world for our players.

Focus 1: Flying skills to Enjoy the Martial Arts World

Have you ever fantasy to perform the sword dance among flowers? Or imagine the wonderful tour with your couple? In this game you can see fantastic scenes like the romantic imperial palace and beautiful wonderland. The flying skills can make you better experience the freedom in martial arts world.

Focus 2: Unique Jianchi Systems to Finish Daily Quest

Jianchi system is an upgradable system that changes your image. Players can win the needed EXP for upgrade through achieving the goal in Jianchi. When you reach to certain amount, you can choose upgrade. The upgrade of Jianchi can not only win the cool appearance but also the extra Jianchi status bonus and items rewards.

Focus 3: Pet Fight Different Battle Mode
Pet can help character to increase status including attack, defense, HP, hit, dodge, critical attack and tenacity. The higher the pet’s level, the more status increases. When the pet advance to certain level, it will activate special status like critical attack, attack bonus and damage resistance.

Focus 4: All kinds of Play Ways

Jianghu list is a 1vs1 ranking play way in game. Tap battle, select Jianghu list to enter the interface. Take part in Jianghu list can rank in list and win the Glory Points as well. Glory Points can purchase items in shops.