Company Profile

Founded in 2016, polarisgame is an overseas mobile game distribution corporation.
Here is the staff and department structure, Commerce, Operations (include Customer Service),
Marketing (include Optimization and Marketing Planning), Design, and Operation Maintenance.
On top of all that,
the core employees do have experience with overseas distributing and releasing over 3 years,
and the previous productions of best-selling were jointly produced by the above personnel.
Since the founding date,
most of our main markets are in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore Malaysia,
and others of Southeast Asia.
The 君行天下 (named北凉悍刀行 in Mainland China) was released in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.
The Tiên Kiếm Kỳ Hiệp, Kiếm Vũ Mobi and others were released in Vietnam.
They did make great success in the markets.

company: 卓越遊戲(香港)有限公司
Address:FLAT/RM 505, 5/F, Beverley Commercial Centre, 87-105 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui

Staff Activities and Benefits

We are very into and focus on business-development.
Simultaneously, we do pay great attention to quality of employees' life here.
There are a lot of benefits programmers,
which include meals subsidy, weekends, paid annual leave, and so on.
The rich diversity of afternoon tea and snacks are served for employees during the weekdays,
and birthday parties, free health screenings and travel were being held at regular interval.
Furthermore, we organize parties and events to enrich employees' lifestyle and culture lives.

Birthday Party

Annual Trip


Afternoon Tea

Office Environment