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polarisgame the Global Publisher of Exquisite Games

Public Time:2016-11-03 10:24

The games of polarisgame cover the areas of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe, and America. The team has published 8 S class online games and operated more than 40 games.

The Global Publisher of Exquisite Game.

        Our team consists of 30 people and has a complete game release operation structure, including advertising team toward Facebook & Google AdWords, local and oversea operation team, business evaluation team, marketing team, technical team, customer service & GM team, and translation team. The games cover the areas of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe, and America.

        In 2017, we release 《君行天下》in Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, also 《剑雨逍遥》 in Vietnam. We had released some S class products like 《秦美人》 in Vietnam, 《战龙之刃》 and 《幻想编年史》 in Singapore and Malaysia.


1.Accurate Advertising

The 5 staffs in game optimization teams are all from the famous cooperations like Efun, Boya, R2, Mobvista. Their average optimization experience is more than 3 years. Our 5 designers and video producers partner with our optimizers to brainstorm a list of ideas.

2.Overseas Operation

The core staff have been working for 3 years to produce the many successful oversea products.

We have a good command of the oversea markets and player’s habits. We can customize the local version and marketing proposal for every product.

3.Market Resources

We have long been working with third party media in different areas and have reserved abundant Online & Offline marketing resources.

Our marketing team learns how to trigger a boom market and the fans marketing methods on FB.

4.Technical Support

Our SDK is rich in functions, which includes log-in, pay, share, and collect likes on FB. It covers the uses of all users.

1.Conduct Users of Media Buys

Adopt SPARK and HADOOP cluster to professionally dig up and analyze the high quality users.


Working with 18 offline promoting agencies and more than 200 media.

3.Expand Conduct Users

Diverse user information databases for accurate persona.

4.Scale Formation 

The Conduct Volume per day of one game in one area is up to 10,000 users.

Combine conduct volume with advertising to build up a good game environment and lay the solid foundation of long-term operation.