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Touken Kanojyo landed in HK, Macao & Taiwan!

Public Time:2017-11-14 10:08

Touken Kanojyo(A battle game with girlish swords) is a mobile game that is full of MAG(Manga, Anime and Games) style and feminizes the legendary swords. As a Onmyoji(The Yin Yang Master), you make a contract with those pretty ladies and become a Lord. Together you and your swordmaids save the chaotic world. Since the game is on game market, all the servers are full with players. It may be the hottest MAG game in 2017! Onmyoji sama, why not have a try!

“Powerful Weapons • Incarnation”

In order to purify himself, the apex of the Onmyoji Abe no Seimei separated his evil will out of his body. However, the evil will created a legendary taboo —— Dimension Altar and summoned the most powerful weapons in different eras to defeat Abe. These weapons have been influenced by spacetime distortion and become humans, which is so-called “Swordmaid”.

In this world, all kinds of world’s famous swords and legendary weapons will present as Lolita, domineering lady or Queen to fight for you!

“Brain Burning Strategy ”

In this game, players can collect resources and XP step by step and develop their swordmaids. Knife, Strategy, Guard, Pursuit and Investigate classes can constitute different formations and achieve surprise effects in battle.

The unique Army Feature including Spearman, Cavalry and Archer enables you to fight with companions. Three types of army are mutual restricted. And the free march route allows you to make your own choices. You can make a overall planning and win with least prices.

“Live 2D • Perfect Style ”

Charming Japan OST, gorgeous Japanese culture and beautiful girl in kimono. It’s hard to believe that it is a chaotic world.

The game has introduced Live 2D technology and enlivened each characters. The lively performance shows their characteristics. You can even tough your swordmaids to interact with them! You never be alone in this MAG game.

“Shogunate • Residence Management”

In game there is a grand residence for you, in which are Shogunate, Mine, Workshop, Commander Post and Mansion. In Shogunate, you collect abundant revenue. In Mine, you can collect the delicate crystals. Workshop is the place where all kinds of resources are produced. In Commander Post, you can upgrade the formations that determine your battle style.  You receive your salary in Mansion or you can clear apex confrontation to upgrade your official position.

“On the day we are drawn, we are at your command,my Lord!”——Swordmaids fight for you, Lord! A fantasy MAG game of girlish swords, start your trip in Japanese World!