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polarisgame Sailing Together, Head for 2018

Public Time:2018-03-27 16:35

Praise the 2017 of too great haste, the number of successes and breakthroughs. What a remarkable year, when the company grew and more and more partners could jointly manage almost every aspect of the business, which craned our necks to look into the distance, polarisgame, a well-known excellent overseas game publisher.

In appreciation of the hardworking fellows and dedication to company, a conference was held at the time of February 9, 2018 and this annual meeting may be the starting point for a new plans and prospects mentioned in company summary of coming days. Harvest and success will lead us to foreseeable achievements, and there should be a miracle that belongs to fighters.

A series of activities were arranged by HR Administration dept. including banquet, MTV, and lucky draw. The itinerary spoke something of richness of this annual meeting. Between you and me, the probability of lucky draw is 100%.

After a big meal, constraint of etiquette seems to be forgotten, and they gave full play to their strong points, sweet voice.

Certainly, one of the most amazing and exciting thing is annual meeting awards. IPhone X, IPhone 8, Iwatch and AirPods show the generosity of Boss. Excuse me? Just miss the opportunity! It does not matter at all, for there are sunshine awards, JD Card of large amount, which will be issued to others. Maybe it is the best! Everyone felt a greater sense of achievement at the end of annual meeting. Ending was permeated with friendly feeling and there were smiles with happiness and shapes of a large love when taking pictures.

We have just adapted ourselves to lovely melody and merry music, however, the time has gone. The bounty of company and fellows will be memories, and it is for this reason that we feel strong attachment to polarisgame. 2018, here we come!

2018. SpirngGame. The memory and expectation represent our readiness for a new fight. A readiness for meeting storm!