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Sword of Romance The Kingdom War Date MMORPG Comes!

Public Time:2017-09-28 10:32

The Most Romantic Kingdom War Date Mobile Game Sword of Romance is now on the list. The hot and new servers are open!

HD pictures, thousands of players are in the same screen for hot fights. Furthermore, there will be beautiful anchors play with you! The channels can be used for real-time command. Features include free trade, cool wings, fashion cloak, gorgeous fashion-wear, and super mount. You can both have exquisite appearance and power! 

“Take up the sword against the enemies; it’s only for you but not the country.”

The 1st swordsman Lv Dongxuan reincarnated 3 times and stay in human world to find his lovers. In this live, he became Hong Xixiang, the master of Wudang, and fell in love with the daughter of Northfall——Xu Zhihu. However, he could not stay together with his lovers because he bears the Wudang’s destiny.

After enlightenment, Hong discovered that Xu Zhihu was his destined lover that he was looking for hundreds years. But at this time Xu was suffering from serious illness and was about to die. In the end, he rode a crane and took his lover to the south. He opened the heaven gate and killed many immortals. Then he swore to the world that he would train 300 years more after he took off his armor. “In the past, I took up the sword to against the enemies, only for the country. Now I take up my sword only for you…”

“Fight for Love in Millions of Troops”

Sword of Romance has its unique features like Kingdom war and Mount riding. You can shuttle back and forth in battle field. Fight smoothly without crash. The game has restored the classic National conflict plot. The King will lead his soldiers to the battle field and fight a bloody battle.

“3D Effects & Wide Visual Range”

Sword of Romance adopts 3D modeling and wide visual range of 720 degree angle. You can feel free to change your view. The pictures are bright and fresh. There are magnificent architects, solemn royal city, snowy frontier and bleak desert. None of the scene is the same. You can savor every detail of the scene and feel our earnest heart.

"Voice System & Anchor"

In Sword of Romance, there are a lot of play ways. You can either choose one of the chat channels, or listen to the anchors in game. Almost every minute our beautiful anchors are online and showing her sweet voice. You can even interact with our anchors like chatting and finishing quests together or send them the flowers, as if in the studio.

“Free Trade & Fair Gear Drop”

Besides the traditional shop trading, 《剑指云天》 also has trade bank. You can win gear after you defeat the World Boss, and you can put the unnecessary gear into the trade bank. The gold you earn can be traded with other players. Some players who fancy this feature can have a try!

No matter pictures or fun or even the operability, 《剑指云天》 is a very outstanding mobile game that worth trying!