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《君行天下》 Is Now The Top of The GP Free List

Public Time:2017-05-15 10:19

As the most attractive mobile game, the first mount riding Kingdom war game 《君行天下》(A Legend story in Warring State) has been the top of the GooglePlay free list in Taiwan area ten days after it is listed. Since it has made such a great achievement, what are the strengths in this game?

---Beauty Accompany--

Who is going to see my charming smile, bright eyes and gentle grace? I will be the most famous celebrity in game. We have invited the hottest network anchors for players and power up together.

---Kingdom War Overlord---

The war between six countries can be triggered at any time! To win the great land, we shall never fall behind. Fight for our nations, fight for love! The game even provides us command systems for players to command in real-time. We win or die for our glory!

---Fair Gear Drop---

Different from the traditional games, the gear drop rate are open and equal for every player! We hope that every player has the chance to win powerful items. Enjoy the unprecedented fair in this game!

---Free trade---

No time for Boss? Want to get resources faster? It is not a problem in game. The trade bank provides the opportunity for players to trade freely. On the one hand it meets the needs for resources of some players; on the other hand it provides the ways to get gold. Mutual benefits enable us to power up together!

---Multilevel Social Intercourse---

Sworn brother, married couple, guild stories. Fight with our bros and sis and paly with game friends from all over the world. You can win brothers and couples as well as the stories and romance.