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1st Riding Kingdom War Mobile Game《君行天下》Opens!

Public Time:2017-05-04 10:07

“Look at the territory I won for you!” The young King is standing rampart with his high spirit and ambition. He is looking at the lady standing next to him and thinks, “In the future, I must rule the world and let her become the most honorable queen in the world!” Go on an expedition with her companion. Embrace her, embrace the world. The very first Kingdom war and mount riding mobile game brings you the passion and blood!

The First Mount Riding Kingdom War

Kingdom war mobile games are universal since the game 《六龙御天》. However, they are getting stuck in the same content. 《君行天下》 is a game enables you to ride mount and fight Kingdom war at the same time. On the one hand, you can save time and it does look cool and fashion. On the other hand, you can witness the heart-burning scenes when thousands of horses are galloping. It may also remind players of the first time they participated in Kingdom war. Isn’t it a pleasant experience?

Anchor system

The game provides interactive experience for players such as the 24 hours anchor systems. Many anchors console or encourage players with their voices. Players can also send flowers and gifts or tell them their stories.

Voice Command

There is voice command system in game to prevent players from being busy with checking the chat channels. Command requires no time. All your soldiers only need to follow.

Free Trade & Fair Gear Drop

All game developers expect players to top up. However, top up is not the only way to rule in 《君行天下》. The free trade system allows the gold exchanges in game. The common players can save their gold and exchange them with powerful gears and items. The game developer makes a commitment that the gear drop rates are fair, which is the key to maintain the balance in game.