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A Happy Summer Trip with polarisgamers

Public Time:2017-07-21 10:51

In the midsummer, we decided to go to beach side in order to enhance the unity of the team and build up the healthy body for our member. On a sunny day, we went to a beautiful seaside town——Yangjiang, and started our vigorous trip.

Yangjiang is located in the coast of the South China Sea. Most of the local residents live on fishing. They live a simple and honest live. Look at the boat in the picture; you can see the fishing boat of the local fisherman. They will bring back tons of delicious seafood every time they set out a voyage. 

Since it is not very often go to the beach, we shall not miss the local specialty. So we went on the fishing boat to get the seafood.

After eating the sea food, we came to one of the most famous local beaches. The clear white sand and the beautiful scenery cheered up all the polarisgamers!

Ah, what are they talking about?

Some clever guys find some other interesting games on the beach. Wow, these men drive like wind!

After playing all day long, it’s time for us to have some food. Ugh! Smells tasty! Who is having the barbecue? It seems that they are good cooker~

At the moment, not only our smiles become eternal but also our wonderful experience. Let’s take our laughter together and fight for polarisgame! Fight for our bright future!