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Market Resources & products of polarisgame

Public Time:2016-11-04 11:21

polarisgame has abundant market resources. We cope with more than 80% of the local media and cover 90% related media in the area.

polarisgame has created many successful games and made great achievements through excellent management.

The 1st product 君行天下 —— The most popular MMO Kingdom War game in Hong Kong and Taiwan in 2017

· The localized management+ Offline and Online advertising, mainly focus on the features like Mount Riding, free trade system and beauty anchors;

· The day of publication, more than 12,000 players have registered;

· The best rank of best selling list of AppStore and GooglePlay is the No. 30th ;

The 2nd product 剑雨逍遥 ——The very first S class mobile game in Vietnam in 2017

        · The top up amount of this S class MMORPG product has exceeded 100 million;

        · The exquisite picture and abundant play ways attract many players who fancy Immortals theme;

        · For the 5 months in Vietnam, the peak of the top up amount is more than $8,000,000, accumulative top up amount exceeds $30,000,000;

The 3rd product 秦美人 ——The first S class national mobile game in Vietnam

        · The peak of top up amount a month has reached $1,000,000;

        · Every 15 days the retention rate is 15.58%, the manage period is up to 2 years;

        · The maximum active players per day reached 50,000;


The 4th product 战龙之刃 ——The Kingdom war MMORPG game in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

· The Top 10 game in selling list of AppStore and GooglePlay in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand;

· The best leading volume per day in Thailand is 20,000;

The 5th product 幻想编年史 ——A magic MMORPG game in next generation style

· The top 5 game in selling list of AppStore in Singapore and Malaysia;

· The retention rate per 15 days is 13.28%;

The 6th product 疾风猎人 ——Exquisite Manga arena card game

· The maximum active players in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand has reached 150,000;

· The manage period is 2 years and the accumulative top up amount is more than $5,000,000;