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Celebrate the 1st Anniversary of polarisgame

Public Time:2017-12-01 10:37

Time goes by quickly for the hard-working polarisgame. A year has slipped by imperceptibly and here comes her first birthday!

During this year, through the joint efforts of all staff, Mobile games like 《君行天下》(A Legend story in Warring State), 《剑与情缘》(A growth path of a nobody against the conspiracy), Sword of Romance and Touken Kanojyo(A battle game with girlish swords) have arrived in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan and all are well received, in which 《聖戒:愛神覺醒》 has won the 1st place in GooglePlay free list in Taiwan.

To celebrate the special day and enhance the unity, all the summertimers attended Home Party and enjoyed all kinds of entertainments.

This guy is so concentrating on his shooting that we can not catch his image! It seems that you are the overload in basketball!

This lady is experiencing zombies VR game. She looks so calm when facing the horrible scenes. She seems to have a strong heart!

"polarisgame Pan Xiaoting" is focusing on snooker and she plans to get a hole in one! Let’s see how it works.

We are the “game players”. How can we play without gaming? Watch this! My three-point shoot!

In the end, we enjoyed karaoke. polarisgamers had even chorused! But our photographers were too dedicated to take a photo. What a pity! 

But it doesn’t matter! We will have another wonderful year with our colleges in polarisgame. Keep fighting for our bright future!